The Chaplain Series

Group shot Chaplain Series

18 officer on call bw

27 emts at church scene

0037 sitting at desk looking forward jon martin

0024 take one

0004 use send in the police

0047 undercover cop talking to the chaplain

76 resuce workers in between scenes

52 cast members and victims

troy sitting at table contimplating Chaplain series

0032 standing in front of schurch

39  officers along side of building

31 use detective behind church

30 heading in the church

42 close up reporter

44 standing by car in front of church.

45 officer brock looking around corner

0009 cast on church steps

49 the chaplain series shot 4

47 Young girl on ground in front of church

50 officer brock going in

54 standing in front of church george and officer

58 concentrating on scene

52 cast members and victims

55 fire emergency at scene

62 conversation with the lawyer

59 The eyes of an actor church scene

64 speaking with lawyer in front of church use

63 dp brett behind car

61 lawyer on set in front of church

67 take care

70 giving commands

69 talking with officer on side of building

72 Send Gods word.

78 chaplain with officer

76 resuce workers in between scenes

73 discussion with lawyer at the church

75 conversations in church with lawyer

79 chaplain and officer back of car

80 officer pointing gun on set

86 in church coming after officers


83 george standing parking lot church

87 in church pointing up

84 talking with lawyer

81 reporter with officers by tree

0011 Behind scenes with Rhodes and Connie reviewing scene. Photography by Denni LLC by Denise Jones

0008 Connie and paster John sitting in car use

0002 kronin thumbs up

0005 cameraman and Heather

0007 Troy Randall-Killpatrick Chaplain Series use

0012 Woman Chaplain on the Chaplain Series.

0013 Pastor John chaplain series

0014 connie and officer by patrol car

0015 group standing by police car

0017 Having fun on set with cameraman and heather

0018 Shelby giving the look. Chaplain series use

0025 paster talking to officer

0029 getting help putting on badge behind the scenes

0026 Chaplain profile view Chaplain Series

0039 Rookie cop sitting on car Chapain Series

0035 police car chaplain series

0043 Connie holding on to gun by flags

0047 group smiling fun conversation

0048 Jon interegatng Heather Chaplain Series

0054 officer leaning against car

0053 Heather talking with officer

0049 Audio Chaplain Series

0051 Rhodes smiling at station

0065 Having fun while shooting Chaplain Series

0063 Troy looking up from table

0070 conversation by front of police car

0071 Troy looking down at counter

91 officer on side of building

96 church member down

92 Healther running over body

Officer brock and another officer 02

dp photography brett

Troy looking down the barrel of gun 0064

Reporter after the aftermath

Shooter for the church scene The chaplain Series.

Troy randall kilpatrik 0050 in front of flags

97 One of four members fallen

use officer and Rhodes by car in front of church 0007

2 The cast of the chaplain series

0002 Cronin thumbs up

12 Officer brock steps in

007 standing behind unmarked car

009 officer with gun chaplain series

3 chaplain edited folder 3

0015 cast of The Chaplain Series

17 talking with lawyer crime scene

24 cast of chaplain series

0013 selfie between scenes

19 talking with lawyer crime scene

22 talking with paremdics

33 going into church

30 with dp and producer Rhodes Short

32 going in the church

28 the girls that played the victims The Chaplain Series

26 reading script

31 officers chaplain series

35 going over script with officer brock

37 Pastor John

36 kevin leaning against fence

41 plays victim chaplain series

40 rhodes giving instructions

0038 heather reading script

39 firefighter and police officer chaplain series

51 behing the scenes with the shooter church

42 dp fliming on set with rhodes

47 behing car with officer

49 chaplain series

56 police at the scene church

52 looking at crime scene

57 guns drawn by church

64 A friendly disagreement

58 guns drawn by car in front of church

60 first responders on scene

62 dp and takes crime scene

corrected photo heather by ambulance

61 victim fall at chuch scene

standing in police station bw with note pad

65 conversation in church

69 suspect standing in church

73 suspect down

72 Taking suspect down

70 suspect pointing gun in church chaplain series

66 guns drawn on suspect

78 dectective Chaplain Series

76 Gun safety on set

74 suspect down the chaplain series

75 New Fire fighter on set

80 women officers of The Chaplain Series

dp of photography chaplain series

Talking with lawyer pointing finger

ambulance on scene

crime scene16