"There were some amazing performances, key shots and a catchy soundtrack to accompany Rhodes' beautifully written script, brought to life by a talented cast and crew. But --- in the end --- it was the message which spoke to me. And it wasn't indirect, either... It was a straight-on hand of God pointing at me, speaking loudly in my ear. With the loss of my best friend almost a year ago, something had been missing from my life... I haven't been keeping God "in the equation". And, with tears in my eyes, I told myself that God always has a way of speaking to us and giving us a message when we REALLY need it --- and with "Who Will Move the Stone?", the message was loud and clear. If you have a chance to see this amazing film, please, do so. It has a wonderful message which many of us need to hear."

Mark A. France, Crooked Limb Studio & Productions (3/11/2016 via public Facebook post)

“We just returned home from our visit in Michigan this week. We were there for the premier red carpet showing of the movie, ʻWho Will Move The Stone!ʼ We expected it to be a "good movie." We were wrong! It was a SPECTACULAR MOVIE!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The writing and acting were both superb and the message was even better. I would love to share the whole story, but I don't want to ruin it for you! You must see it!!”

Nancy Fleece (3/14/16 via Facebook)

"Who Will Move The Stone, is a very moving, heartfelt film. Rhodes Short's feature debut as a writer and director is strong, and his acting is equally impressive. For fans of

'faith based' movies, this one is a gem.


                                        " Doug McKeon "On Golden Pond"

"!!!!! WOW !!!!! !!!!! WOW !!!!! !!!!!WOW !!!!! !!!!! WOW !!!!! What a fantastic Red Carpet World Premiere of the motion picture 'Who Will Move the Stone' last evening! This "faith-based" film was written, directed and stars the inimitably talented Rhodes Short, a native son of Michigan who has returned to Detroit from Hollywood to make a positive difference in the film making industry and community of life in general here. My hat stays tipped to Rhodes and his remarkable Cast and Production Family who have carried out his vision impeccably. The cast was splendid and as professional as it gets; natural in their interpretations of their characters, reflecting pathos and subtlety when the scenes called for it; and, what made the film work for me was each actor's ability to portray everyday and "REAL" people with their own personal spin...while never being over emotive or in the slightest bit pretentious. I'm a tough critic when it comes to acting, and this Cast wasn't a line or even a syllable short of superb! You can always visit the Who Will Move the Stone? Facebook page for the synopsis...so I will leave you with this: As a moviegoer I was mesmerized, enlightened, caught by surprise, moved, and joined the rest of the house in applauding from the end credits to the 1109th instant. ◄---(Not a spoiler!) As a film maker, I was duly impressed and encouraged to know that Michigan is alive and well in the movie making biz, thanks in large part to the dedicated and determined folks about whom you've just read!"

Benn Perry, Author/Screenwriter/Director/Actor (3/10/16 via Facebook)

“We've held ten or so ʻtest screeningsʼ and our worldwide premiere of 'Who Will Move the Stone' and audiences really appreciate the honesty of the film. The writing, the acting, the story are very real and not sugar coated. The most rewarding thing about being a filmmaker is to see audiences reactions to your movie--when they laugh, when they get caught up in the film, and when they reach for the kleenex box. The movie isn't geared toward Christians who attend church but instead toward everyday people. It's definitely an edgier film in that it doesn't feel faith based and the audience rides along with the journey of shady attorney 'David Keller.' He's really this endearing jerk at the beginning of the film (lol) but he evolves. Rhodes Short's portrayal of 'David' is remarkably honest and truly inspiring both from an acting standpoint and from a spiritual standpoint. It was an honor to act along side him in the film he wrote and directed. We have seen many miracles in the making of 'Who Will Move the Stone' and when the message resonates in the hearts of the audience it is a beautiful thing to witness.”

Heather Fairbanks, Executive Producer/Actress/VP Sharkey Street Ministries (3/14/2016)